Mentorship Opportunities

Over the past several years I have had the fortune of training alongside some of the country’s best plastic surgeons, ENT physicians, nurses and other advanced injectors. I have attended conferences and seminars around the world showcasing the best injectors, allowing me to continuously improve my practice and refine my skills.

I have made it a mission and lifelong goal to continue to dedicate time to take advantage of all possible learning opportunities available to me. Whether it be company sponsored advanced injector days, hands-on-training with lead injectors, conferences, masterclass workshops, cadaver labs, webinars, or anything else, this is an industry in which there is always something new to learn. There are always new and safer techniques and practices evolving every day. It is up to injectors to remain on top of the latest research.

There is always an opportunity to be better. We owe this to our patients who place their trust in us. It is through this dedication and continued learning that I am able to incorporate the latest, cutting-edge techniques, tips and tricks to ensure the best and SAFEST results are achieved.

Various mentorship opportunities are available, ranging from telephone or in-person coaching, assistance with beginning your journey as an injector, and/or in-person hands-on injecting and skills development, working with actual patients, with direct oversight and training with Matthew in clinic.

If you are an injector, or interested in injecting and looking for mentorship or training, please email to inquire further.